Killamanta Kutimusaq :: 2006
Aluminum, wood, digital print, 6 speakers, 6 channel soundscape - Dimensions variable

Killamanta Kutimusaq ('to the moon and back' in Quechua) is the title piece of an solo exhibition at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. It is a freestanding sculpture that resembles both the Apollo space capsule and Apachetas, ritual stone piles built by both the Inca and the Q'ero to capture and focus natural energies. The sculpture is wrapped in a digital print with a satellite image of the Tambopata/Manu region of the Peruvian Rainforest.

The sculpture has a speaker mounted on the top. Playing are Don Ignacio Duri Palomeque Icaro’s, a sacred medicine song the healer receives and sings in ceremony through the ingestion of medicinal plants. These songs are an stimulus for the healing process. The surrounding courtyard has four speakers in each corner playing a soundscape from the rainforest. These speakers alternate play with the central speaker as if they are in conversation.