La Ofrenda :: 2008
aluminum, burlap coffee bags, medicinal plants, stones, shells, seaglass

FEATURED in “Cultivate//Badlands”, Berkshire Botanical Gardens, Stockbridge, MA & MASSMoCA, North Adams MA. Curated by Denise Markonish of MASSMoCA

The installation includes an offering station with medicinal plants growing up and around it and a stone pile built 25 feet to the northeast of the offering station.  The pile is built with stones I collected from two mountains, two rivers and a lake in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts. In the...
NORTH :: Mt. Greylock
EAST :: Shelburne Falls with its Glacial Potholes
SOUTH :: Monument Mountain...where in 1850, Herman Melville with Nathaniel Hawthorne was inspired with powerful ideas for his book Moby Dick.
WEST :: Stockbridge Bowl

The installation was located at the Berkshire Botanical Gardens near the Stockbridge bowl on a lay line running from New York City to Quebec City. The line runs through three major mountains Mt. Greylock, Monument Mountain and Mount Everett as they all hold the distinction of being sacred mountains of the Mahican Indians.

I handled the stones like a stonemason, while incorporating geomancy and ceremonial actions to set the ground for anchoring the energy of the stone pile into the earth. Over the three-month duration of the exhibition the viewer was invited to add to the work by feeding the stone pile with offerings of shells, seaglass and small stones I provided in the eight pockets in the offering station. less...

“Apacheta’s” found in the Andes are stone piles traditionally marking energetic points on the earth’s surface; just as pressure points are energetic points on the human body. The stone piles are used to access the earth’s energy similar in the way an acupuncture needle is used to access energy in the human body.

The earth is covered in a magnetic grid system similar to our bodies own meridian system. The magnetic lines covering the earth are called seques to the Incas, lay lines to the Celts and dragon veins to the Chinese. Sacred Sites such as temples, churches, stone circles and/or megaliths are built on these powerful points on the earth’s surface. A stone pile is a tool to accumulate and distribute power thru this magnet grid system. Similar to how a dam accumulates power and is distributed to a larger network.

Honey Bee’s use the earths magnetic system to build their combs in a north orientation. Some birds use the earths magnetic system in their migratory navigation systems as birds see the world with super sensory perception. Whales use it to navigate their long distance travels.