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Jennifer Zackin
Born: Waterbury, CT
Lives and works: New York, NY

Pinchbeck Roses
Operation: Flower growers
Founded: 1929
Location: Guilford, CT

Video still from Jennifer Zackin, Offering Series: Pinchbeck Rose Project, 2004. Digital video, film stills, roses.

Yellow, red and pink petals from roses grown at Pinchbeck Rose Farm were released into three different bodies of water: a lake in the Green Mountains of Vermont and into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Maine and Rhode Island. The floating rose petals provide visual evidence of the waters' rhythms, forming drawings that morph in time with the currents. The flower offering observes and reveres nature's patterns, and pays homage to the inherent creative and destructive power of the natural world.

Angela Strassheim, Pinchbeck Roses, 2004.

Pinchbeck Roses is a family run business that began in 1929, when William Pinchbeck, Jr. built a single span iron-framed greenhouse twelve-hundred feet long and eighty-one feet wide, which still remains the largest in the world. Pinchbeck Roses is the sole surviving rose grower in Connecticut, and the only year round rose grower in the Northeast, their 90,000 rose bushes produce up to three million blooms per year in fifteen varieties. The farm heats their greenhouse with two gigantic wood burning boilers installed in the 70s. Using recycled wood reduced the farm's consumption of public utilities and even provide extra to sell back to Northeast Light & Power.

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